Old German ADAC badge Plakette plaque emblem 1914 Mercedes Horch Stoewer #439

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Very old German club-badge: Full member badge Property... mehr

Very old German club-badge:

Full member badge

Property of ADAC /
Protected by law

Allgemeiner Deutsche Automobil Club
Eigentum d. ADAC / Ges. geschützt

Number: 15957 = 1914

Very veryry old &100% original / Made in Germany

Very beautiful and valuable craftsmen work / High-quality
Classic design, old German eagle
Wwith German king's crown / Porcelain enamel, fire burned
Valuable solid copper-bronce  / beautiful arched
190 gr / 100 mm Ø x (4")

 Excellent condition,minimal usage and aging traces


This valuable Badge is very old (over 100 years) and very rare

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