Details zu Very old German badge 1912 AvD club Sauerland badge plaque Plakette Emblem #95

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Rare, very old German badge: A utomobilclub v on D eutschland... mehr

Rare, very old German badge:
Automobilclub von Deutschland
Bergisch-Sauerländischer Automobil-Club
Original full member badge of 1910 - 1915

Manufactor: Adam Donner, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Germany
High quality / Fine manufactor master work
Very attractive, heavy full enamel badge, fire burned
Nice design: Coat of arms of Hessen and Westphalia

Particularly good condition, traces are naturally present (100 years old)

Very massive, 180 grams / 100 mm ⌀ (4") / Beautiful domed

This badge comes from an collection Resolution

A really valuable high light (extremly rare) in each high-valency collection

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